We know Kiwis love discounts on fuel and like to feel rewarded too! That’s why you’ll earn 1 Flybuys every time you reach 20 litres and swipe your Flybuys at Z or Caltex.

Just scan your Flybuys to save on fuel now or stack your discounts for later plus earn 1 Flybuys every time you reach 20 litres – easy!


Pumped Fuel Discounts from Flybuys

Fuel Discounts really add up if you choose to be rewarded with Pumped Fuel Discounts from Flybuys too. Because on top of your Pumped Daily Discount of at least 6c off per litre, you get an extra 3c off per litre off for every 4 Flybuys you've earned. 


Flybuys hacks for big fuel discounts

  1. Scan your Flybuys at Z and participating Caltex stations to get the Daily Discounts of at least 6c off per litre on each fill.
  2. Plus, choose Pumped Fuel Discounts as your Flybuys reward and every 4 Flybuys you earn, will get you an extra 3 cents off per litre.
  3. Scan your Flybuys every time you shop at a Flybuys partner, including Z and participating Caltex stations, to really pump up your Fuel Discounts faster
  4. When you spend $40 or more on fuel at Z or participating Caltex stations, you can choose to stack the discount and save it for a bigger fill later.


See Flybuys Membership Terms and Conditions and Pumped Terms and Conditions for further terms, including important exclusions and discount expiry dates.

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